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software para gimnasios

Athletic performance NEW ERA.
Machines become SMART.

Technology for training equipments

Sensorage offers a new variety of possibilities for fitness equipment, allowing manufacturers to be always at the forefront market.

Sensorage is the solution to the current demand from the athletes to have information about effort and performance in workouts and from coaches that need to guide each user in a concrete and personalised way. it provides access to information via smartphones and tablets and, at the same time, the users keeps in touch with their coach and the sports center.

It is a sensor, software and data emission system that gives the machines the ability to measure training and issue information about the effort that the person that is using it is developing.

software para gimnasios

Global Sports Experience

TD Sistemas is your technology partner to enhance the usefulness and value of your equipment, thus developing more competitive products.

It has developed Sensorage, an intelligent system multisensory, is installed in fitness equipment, allowing the capture main parameters for physical and prescription control training. through a software system allows storage management and analysis of results.

What is the system?

The sensors are installed in the base of the equipment, with a module that sends the information to a central server, where it is processed by the software.

Coaches can access to this information in order to control and prescribe exercise programs and sportspersons can consult their programs and interact with the system through kiosk terminals, tablets, smartphones or the club’s website.

It consists of the following components:

  • Adaptable: It fits the training machines, completing its functionality.
  • It fosters customer loyalty: offering the customer a welcoming environment including frequent contact with their coach and their center which offers them a complete and personalised training experience. it provides the possibility of creating challenges and competitions, increasing their motivation and interest.
  • Crossplatform: Access to the information from different devices: PC, gym touchscreen terminals, smartphone, tablet…
  • It helps the operator: to increase their efficiency in gym management because it gives data about the usage of gym equipment.
  • Sensor System: They can be adapted to the different machines. They collect the main cinetic data about the exercise.
  • Software platform: for training and management.
  • Interfaces terminals: Kiosk terminal, computer equipment, tablet and Smartphone.
  • Central module (Sensorage unit): It identify the user and provide him a feedback about the exercise, through a screen or through their own smartphone.
  • Heart rate sensor: Heart rate sensor chest.


software para gimnasios
Easy to use for the athlete. Just approaching the bracelet, the device is activated and it starts to measure and record the training.
software para gimnasios
It can be operated separately or integrated with Intéligo, the comprehensive management system for sports centers.
software para gimnasios
It accurately measure the main variables that let you know if the movement is running properly for training and health: amplitude, speed, power, consistency of movements, etc.
software para gimnasios
Easy Installation:
On the machine. The manufacturer only has to make few changes to incorporate the product into their machines.
software para gimnasios
Web site:
For users or coaches in order to maximize the training results.
software para gimnasios
The system is multisensor and it can be adapted to different types of machines and the evolution thereof.


For athletes:

  • Interact with multiple devices: smartphones, smartwatch, wearable…
  • It allows monitoring the achievements and targets adapted to the preferences of each user through programed series of exercises.

For the manufacturer:

  • This technology represents a significant increase in the value of its equipment with a controlled investment, and collecting the main physical parameters for the prescribing and monitoring training.

For the gym:

  • It is a great support to the business, because it fosters customer loyalty, increases the quality of service and provides data of the management of the center and the maintenance of the machines. It has few requirements as it can run on rechargeable batteries and previous installation works are not required.
  • It offers an unique and personalised web platform to monitoring training.
  • It provides users a software to analyse and consult the results, making the trainings more professional and strenghtening the club-athlete relationship through a quality product.
  • It makes easier the management, obtaining data of machines using minimum investment: wireless.
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software para gimnasios
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software para gimnasios

Services and Technical Support

Technical staff at TD Sistemas will work in the adaptation of Sensorage to the sport equipment, offering also an after-sales technical support service. it will assure the correct implementation, the reparation if necessary and the continuous product update.

How Sensorage works?

To start using the system, the user will use a proximity bracelet in order to be identify. Thus, the machine load the data of the session that the user has to do. This data can be consulted in the screen.

At the moment to start the exercise, the load and movement sensors will capture the parameters and send them to the Sensorage unit, and after it will transmit them to the central server to be processed.

Three versions that fit your needs:
The product is offered in three versions, two of them with an own training software and another without.

programas gestion deportiva

Sensorage One

The system show the exercise to do and the muscles involved in it. Besides, the athlete can motorize repetitions and time of execution, as well as control of the suitable range and speed of each repetition while he is exercising. This is the ideal system for athletes and coaches to verify that the training is done in the proper and healthy way.

software para gimnasios

Sensorage Mobile Connected

The user is identified by the device (bracelet). At the same time that the user is training, the system allows to watch the information of the training program, the graphics of power and speed and the different units measured in the training. It makes a concurrent registration of the activity realised, and once the exercises are completed it process and store the information in order to be available to be consulted by the user or the trainer in any device.

software de gestión deportiva

Sensorage Screen Connected

The information is the same as the information described in Sensorage XCC (b), but in this case the athlete have the possibility to not use his mobile device, and view the information in the own Sensorage screen.

software para gimnasios